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Current Version: 1.3

The Ranks add-on allows you to award a "rank" to each user that is based on how many points they have at any give time or the total amount accumulated since they joined.


The Ranks add-on allows you to group users according to their point balances. Besides a title, ranks can also have logos but you can setup the Ranks post type to support most post details.


With myCRED 1.2 you can select on what basis users should be ranked:

  • Current Points Balance
    Users are ranked according to their current points balance. When this balance changes, users are promoted or demoted accordingly.
  • Total Point Gains
    If selected, the users rank is based on their total point gains minus any manual adjustments made by an administrator.
    This means that a users rank is not changed if they spend points in for example your store.


  1. Visit the myCRED Add-on page.
  2. Enable the Rank add-on.
  3. Click on “Ranks” in the myCRED menu.
  4. Start by adjusting the default “Newbee” rank by clicking on it’s title.
  5. Change the rank title to something that suits you better and adjust the maximum balance requirement.
  6. Update the rank.
  7. Click “Add Rank” on the top of the screen.
  8. Add the new rank a title and a minimum and maximum point balance requirement.
  9. Publish rank.
  10. Repeat the above steps until you have all your ranks setup.
  11. Your users rank affiliations are updated each time their points balance changes or when you publish or trash a rank.

You can use the mycred_my_rank shortcode on your website to show the current users rank.

Changing to a Rank according to Total setup

  1. Visit your Ranks page in your admin area and make sure your ranks are all setup.
  2. Visit the myCRED > Settings page.
  3. Click on the Ranks tab to toggle the Rank settings.
  4. Change “Rank Basis” to “Users are ranked according to total…”.
  5. Click on the “Calculate Totals” button and wait until the button label changes to “Completed”.
  6. Your users should now have a rank based on their total point gains.

When myCRED calculates a users total, this calculation is based on entries in your log. So if you as an admin adjust your users point balance without adding a log entry, this adjustment will not be included in the calculation!

Calculations are done by adding up all point gains and then deducting any deductions that have been logged to be done via the Manual adjustments in the admin area! This way, your (the administrator) adjustments will always trump the total point gains.

total = ( all point gains - manual deductions from admin )

Minimum Requirements

  • Your theme must support the use of WordPress Shortcodes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does my users rank get updated?
    The myCRED Ranks add-on will automatically check to see if a users rank needs to change during the following instances:

    • When your user registers on your website.

    • When your user gains or losses points.

    • When you publish a new rank or restore a rank from your trash.

    • When you make changes to an already published rank.

    • When a rank gets trashed.

  • Whats the difference between Ranking and Rank?
    "Ranking" is a default feature in myCRED that relates to the amount of points a users have in comparison to others. The user with the highest amount has ranking 1 the user below him has 2 and so on. You can use the mycred_leaderboard shortcode to present users according to their ranking, giving you the option to show who is most active on your website.
    With the Rank Add-on you can create "Ranks" for certain point amount. For example you can create a rank for users who have 0 to 100 points and call them "Newbies" then have another rank for those who have more then 100 but less then 1000 and call them something else. You can also create ranks for users who have negative balances.
  • Can I create a rank for users with zero or negative balances?
    Yes. You can set ranks to either positive or negative values.

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