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Award / Deduct points for new user registrations or when admins manually add a new user.

hook-sitevisitSite Visit

Award / Deduct points for logged in members visiting your site on daily basis.

hook-sitevisitViewing Content

Award / Deduct points to members and content authors for each unique visit to their post (of any type). Note! Points are only awarded when a user views the individual post and not when viewing a list of posts like your blog for example. The single.php theme file must load and you must have the wp_footer(); function in your theme for this to work! Points are only awarded once per unique user visiting your post Requires myCRED 1.5.1 or higher.


Award / Deduct points for logging in with the option to enforce once every 24 hours, once every 12 hours, once every 7 days or once daily with a reset at midnight.

hook-contentPublishing Content

Award / Deduct points for published posts, pages or any other public post types.


Award / Deduct points for approved comments.

hook-linkClicking on Links

Award / Deduct points for users clicking on links generated with the mycred_link shortcode.

hook-videoWatching YouTube Videos

Award / Deduct points for users viewing YouTube videos generated with the mycred_video shortcode. Added in 1.2



hook-friendshipGroup Actions

Award / Deduct points for creating new group, deleting a group, new group topic, updating group topics, new group posts, joining a group, leaving a group, uploading a group avatar and new group comments.

hook-profileProfile Actions

Award / Deduct points for updating profile, uploading avatar, new friendships, leaving friendships, new comments, comment removals, new messages or if used sending gifts.


Award / Deduct points for new links, voting on links, updating links and deletion of links.


Award / Deduct points for new galleries uploaded either with either BP Album+ or BP Gallery.


Supported Third Party Plugins

myCRED supports a vast range of some of the most popular third party plugins. Visit the Supported Plugins & Themes page for more information.